i love fusion type restaurants. its always cool to see what type of dishes two completely different cultures can come up with. the collaboration between French and Japanese cuisine is actually more popular than you may think. one being, Maison Akira located in the lovely Downtown Pasadena, California. the reviews for this spot are quite high on yelp so my expectations coming in were pretty up there. PLUS, I LOOOOVE French food and Japanese food individually…so I was keeping my fingers crossed that the crossbreed of two of my favorites wouldn’t end up tasting disastrous.

welp, i don’t know if it was the finger crossin’ or the talented chefs who prepared our meal but the dinner was far from disastrous.The dishes here are certainly unique. some dishes more
"French" than others, and some dishes more "Japanese" than others. but overall it came together as a feast of deliciousness. 

Here, at Maison Akira, it seems that the fish, meats, and veggies chosen are more Japanese-esque whereas the preparation and flavor of the items are more french. which makes for delicious collab!

oh and can’t forget the dessert…

look at these beauts. the food preparation here was amazing. especially the desserts. that first dessert shown was 10x more beautiful in person . i love me a great simple fruit tart and that one was sweet and simple. this second dessert was originally on fire when delivered, but the flame slowly came to a stop a few seconds after being placed on the table—- on the inside was green tea ice cream coated with angel cake while the outside seemed to be like a toasted marshmallow to a s’more!

my overall experience here was quite pleasurable and definitely foodologie approved. before coming in, i would suggest trying both cuisines individually if you haven’t already done so! just so you could really enjoy the complete experience and know what dishes are french and which are Japanese. but either way, even without the prior knowledge— it doesn’t take much to appreciate and know what GOODNESS tastes like. 


time has certainly flew these past couple months. has it really been this long since my last post?! (EMBARRASSING) AND it’s not that i’ve stopped eating. oh no, i certainly have not… actually,if anything…i’ve come across some of the best meals of my life since my last post. you see, the problem is…i am terrible at managing my time effectively. it’s a shame, really… i mean, if i didn’t love binge watching on netflix till 3AM and sleeping in till (an hour that shall remain unnamed) so much, i would really be able to ‘carpe diem' more…so, i've finally come to face the reality that it's a terrible cycle i must cut— along with the realization that i shall be more faithful to FOODOLOGIE

ON THAT NOTE, i have plenty of photos and reviews of several places i’ve visited. it’s been a GREAT past few months and my taste buds and tummy have been spoiled to the maxxx. 

on my first post back from my mini-hiatus: BESTIA

(*spoiler alert* — i’m kinda..sorta..OBSESSED with this place.)


this was a complimentary dish: “meatballs" was all i remember from what it was called. DELICIOUS!


Grilled Octopus&Calamari on a bed of arugula, mixed mushrooms, and a vinaigrette type dressing— The seafood items were grilled to perfection—these items tend to be hit or miss—if not prepared and cooked correctly the octopus and calamari get tough to chew and the flavor ends up lacking. Here, at bestia it was far from that— flavors and texture were all sorts of RIGHT.


Genevieve’s Shaved Summer Vegetable Salad--seriously one of the best salads i have ever had. light and refreshing. both times i’ve dined here i’ve ordered this to start and it has yet to disappoint. 



Roasted Marrow Bone served with spinach gnocchetti, crispy breadcrumbs, with a hint of aged balsamic— the HOLY GRAIL ! I DREAM ABOUT THIS…no no no scratch that…FANTASIZE about this dish on the daily. i’ve had several bone marrow dishes from other places and i’ve been a fan of it since i’ve had my first taste, BUT NO OTHER PLACE I’VE BEEN TO thus far has served it as great as BESTIA. i have no bad things to say about this dish (or this establishment, as a matter a fact) the bone marrow mixed in with the spinach gnocchetti (a type of pasta they personally make) is so incredible. i know i’m hyping this up like crazy, but trust me …the hype is real. actually, NO don’t trust me…try it for yourself. you know the saying “so bad, yet so good”? well i am convinced that this is what they were specifically talkin bout. 


squid ink pasta— another dish i’ve had at several different establishments but there’s just something about bestia’s housemade pasta that got me ‘feelin’ some type of way’. i know the name of the pasta scares some people away but give squid ink a chance, it’s not as weird as it sounds or looks. it’s a simple flavor that i can’t really describe, you’ve just really gotta try it for yourself to understand.




as if they needed to impress me anymore…

…these desserts are just….ON A WHOLE ‘NOTHA LEVEL 

the first dish pictured: Valrhona Fair Trade Bittersweet Chocolate Budino Tart with salted caramel a cacao crust a bit of olive oil & sea salt—- such a unique combination of ingredients but oh so perfect all together. this has got to be one of my favorite desserts i’ve had at a restaurant

second dish pictured: Crème Fraîche Panna Cotta. huckleberries. honey whole wheat butter cookies— so light and yummy. not too sweet at all & though i was ready to get wheelchair’d out of that joint, you bet i had a few good spoonfuls of it. Panna Cotta has definitely made it’s way into my heart…especially bestia’s. 

so there you have it, my first post…in what seems like ages. and as if you couldn’t already tell…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE. make reservations in advance…because, i’m not the only one who knows about this hidden gem (literally a random alley in the middle of LA & sometimes extremely difficult to even get a reservation) the drinks are also way good (whiskey sour here is da bomb, GET IT!) and the atmosphere is very laid back & cool. music is kept at a reasonable volume but you can still clearly hear that they play alll thee JAMS (think 90’s/early 2000’s r&b, hip hop, rock) 

this place is 10/10 in my book…hands down.

i love you, bestia & i cannot wait to reunite with you…hopefully sooner than know, like tomorrow? or everyday till death do us part?


2121 E 7th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90021

(213) 514-5724

bottega louie

without a doubt, bottega louie has got to be one of my favorite go to spots in Los Angeles. a few posts ago i did a rant on their notoriously known macarons…but in this post i’ll be elaborating more on their actual food entrees. i’ve eaten here more times than any other restaurant i’ve ever posted about. if i were to sit here and post a comment on each and every item i’ve ever had at bottega, this would definitely be theeeee worlds longest blog post, so i’ll just list a few of my favorites——

personal favorites:

portobello mushroom fries—-aka every mushroom lovers dream. this starter /side item is so so so so so so (x1000) GOOOD. if you’ve got a thing for ‘shrooms, these will have your tastebuds rejoicing. SO DELICIOUS.

asaparagus with poached egg—it’s exactly what it says it is. very simple dish and if you’re skilled enough in the kitchen to know how to poach an egg + boil up some asparagus—this can easily be made at home. i would’ve never have guessed the two together are like a match made in heaven, but it works! in addition, this dish is topped with freshly grated cheese.

salmon- their salmon is prepared in parchment paper with veggies and both times i’ve ordered this dish it has come out perfect.

pizza- i’ve tried most of their pizza options and my favorite thus far is their mushroom pizza, but in general their pizzas are straight up good stufff & not too terribly priced for the portion size ( i mean, it’s not little ceasers’ $5 carryout deal, but then again ingredients and topping options are obviously a million times better)

one of the greatest things about bottega louie is their hours…they’re practically open all day, every day. from as early as 6AM to as late as 12AM—their hours are convenient for anyone’s schedule!

in addition to all that good stuff, bottega louie’s prices aren’t too too bad. taking into consideration their ambiance, quality of food, and service—-the prices here are actually quite reasonable ESPECIALLY for their location being smack dab in the middle of downtown LA.

if ever in the area, i highly suggest you check this place out…and who knows…for as much as i frequent this spot…you’ll probably see me here, just make sure you come and say “Hi” and “thank you” —-you know, for the recommendation and all ;D

overall rating: 9/10

i’m on that SEEFOOD diet.

i’ve always been a fan of seafood. i mean, i’m a fan of food in general, but seafood i L-O-V-E  & i know there’s people out there who absolutely HATE seafood and i just don’t understand why…like, i suppose, i find it understandable if you don’t like a certain “type” of seafood, but ALLLLL SEAFOOD?! i just can’t wrap my head around the idea of living a life with so much unnecessary hate. ANYWAY. if you’re one of those people who happen to be ANTI-SEAFOOD…i’m sorry but,we can’t be friends…. lol just kidding BUT… i say you give it another chance…and if your willing to take that leap of faith i suggest you do so @ EMC SEAFOOD AND RAW BAR in KOREATOWN,LOS ANGELES. like i mentioned, i love seafood and i’ve had my fair share of some great and fresh seafood meals, but EMC blows almost everything out of the water (all pun intended). i recently visited this establishment and by the end of the night this easily became one of the best meals i’ve had & is currently now ranking quite high on my list of favorite restaurants.

so, im sure youre wondering…why, what makes EMC so great??? well i should probably start by saying THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW…it might sound like it with all this praise i’m giving them but its experience here was just THAT good. but anyway, i don’t know if my party of 3 and i just got lucky by ordering all the right things… but there was not one bad dish we had…there wasn’t even one mediocre dish we had, not even a “just ok” dish. EVERYTHING we ordered was on point, fresh, tasty… just PURE PERFECTION. it definitely exceeded our expectations & on top of quality and taste—presentation and delivery speed was also on point. Service was attentive and the ambiance of the restaurant was really great: dim lighting, modern decor, while still giving off the laid-back-unpretentious vibe. everything here was just all sorts of right

if you couldn’t already tell…i HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you visit EMC SEAFOOD & RAW BAR. 

now here are some mouth-watering photographs to convince you even more to check this spot out: 

 ALLLLLLL of these dishes were A+ in my book. 

but if i HAD to pick favorites:



apparently this is a fairly new establishment (2 1/2 months)—so i really hope quality of items don’t go down after a while, but even though i live miles and miles away i’ll make it a point to visit here as often as i can. 

i love you, EMC SEAFOOD AND RAW BAR…i hope you love me too. 

i scream for ice cream…macarons.

i’d hate to state the obvious, but if you already didn’t know, i have a bit of an obsession with desserts,more specifically, MACARONS. i’ve had ice cream macarons in the past (MILK in LA) but the ones i had a few nights ago were tiny in comparison to the colossal ones at MILK. they were so cute & smaller than the palm of my hand.

flavors i got a chance to try: strawberry & cappuccino. 



imagei devoured these little cuties @ iota in koreatown but a friend of mine said they are much cheaper, for the same exact ones, at a place called boiling point in chino hills.

(IOTA: $3.50 VS BOILING POINT: $1.50ish) 

the cappuccino & strawberry ice cream macarons were not as sweet as MILK’s which is a plus, because i found those ones to be toooo sweet. if you’re in the area of either chino hills or koreatown this might just hit your cravings for sweets…and at a price that won’t hurt your wallet 

overall rating: 7/10


for quite sometime now LADY M has been at the top of my list of places to visit to satisfy my never ending sweet tooth cravings. LADY M is a bakery more famously known in New York for their sweet cakes and other confectionery delights. Although, they are more popularly known in New York, they opened up a small shop to cater to the LA community—-more specifically, the community of Beverly Hills. It’s an all white shop with very little decorations…actually, the main attraction here was what was behind the counter—their beautifully decorated cakes:



Lady M’s popularly known for their crepe cake. Yup that’s right, a cake made of crepes. Now, when I think of crepes I think of those thin-pancakesque-desserts folded up and filled with nutella and all sorts of fruit. What Lady M does is take the crepe(unfolded), make about 25 or so of these paper thin delights, and layer them on top of one another, and in between each layer they spread a light custard like cream…and for the most part that’s the jist of it…they offer several different types of these crepe cakes —-original, chocolate, green tea, etc. in addition to these cakes, they offer more traditional cakes as well. 

but of course, since their crepe cakes, also known as a “mille crepe”, is their most popular option, i opted for that —-in two different flavors : ORIGINAL & GREEN TEA.

the verdict? well, i’ll start with the positives. they look great, the custard like cream isn’t too sweet, which is a good thing because creams like that i often find to be too sweet and too empowering. and now on to the negatives—-let me just start off with saying—-maybe it’s the fact that i may have been anticipating to try these cakes for so long and my standards were just far too high for them, but these cakes just seemed to be lacking the flavor i was hoping for. although, i really can’t put my finger on what it was. i mean… they definitely were not terrible tasting, but they certainly did not meet or exceed my expectations, especially for the price ranges these cakes go for (a whole crepe cake goes for about $80) would i give them another chance? sure, why not… but would i go out of my way for these…i’d have to say…no.   i saw other places within the LA area that offer similar cakes to these, so maybe those will have whatever these guys seem to be lacking, but  i suppose till then,  i’ll just stick with good ol’ fashion cakes OR crepes…just not together as one. 

overall rating: 5/10

Lady M

8718 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(424) 279-9495


CRAFT is an American restaurant located in Century City. I recently had lunch here and although this is typically known to be more of a dinner spot, lunch didn’t disappoint (so i can only imagine how their dinner would be.) i’m not sure if their menu changes much for dinner but i was told that they do change their menu daily—-due to the fact that they base their menu depending on what their vendors have available and what the chef decides is good enough to prepare…which means, they ONLY use the freshest ingredients to feed their guests. i LOVE when restaurants do this—-it shows how much pride and care they really put into their menus and their guests. downfall to this though is, if you try something you end up loving you risk not being guaranteed it the next time you visit. BUT it’s better to have something really good once than to not have it at all, right?—especially when it comes to food.

i could really tell the ingredients they used were fresh; from the bread they started us off with, to the chocolate chip cookies we devoured for dessert and of course, most importantly, everything else in between… 



the appetizer was a sashimi-grade tuna mixed in with cucumbers, cilantro, and cantaloupes…YES cantaloupes. sounds like an odd bunch but it surprisingly all tied in quite well together. 


the main entree was a 35 day dry aged bone-in rib eye. first off, i knew i couldn’t go wrong with getting a bone-in rib eye because it is hands down my favorite cut of steak of all time. (although bone-in filet mignon is almost at a tie) and throw in 35 days of dry aging that bad boy and WOW! when you think a bone-in rib eye couldn’t get any better… i figured out that day it certainly can. i usually get my steaks medium rare, but this one was cooked at a medium and although i wish we had ordered a medium rare instead, this hunk of meat was still crazy delicious. IN ADDITION to all this mouth watering goodness… it was also accompanied with bone marrow. it was my first time trying it, so there’s not much that i can compare it to, but i have a feeling any bone marrow i’ll have from here on out will have a lot to live up to.


salmon was also a main entree chosen in addition to the bone-in ribeye. this was cooked to perfection. the salmon skin had the right amount of crispness without tasting burnt (which is what most salmon skin i’ve had ends up tasting) and the salmon itself did not have that strong “fishy” taste to it. the salmon was on a bed of sauteed veggies that accompanied the fish very well. 


the dessert selection was really interesting…there were a few things i wish i had tried… but for how full i was at this point was too much to even consider dessert. but for purposes of the “blog” i figured I HAD to order at least ONE thing (lol, just kidding, i like to use the “blog” as an excuse…but i believe there’s ALWAYS room for dessert…no matter how full a person can be) anyway, we opted for the chocolate chip cookies. simple, i know, but chocolate chip cookies are one of my biggest weaknesses and i had a feeling their chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t disappoint. and well, LET ME TELL YA…THESE WERE DEFINITELY NO CHIPS AHOY & MRS FIELDS better be scared… for these had to be one of the best chocolate chip cookies i’ve ever had. soft, chewy, gooey, chocolaty, slightly undercooked to perfection. the perfect ending to such an incredible meal. 

i mentioned earlier this was more of a dinner place than a lunch place due to the fact that the lunch vibe is not exactly the most laid back vibe i’d choose for a lunch setting. it’s a fancy-ish resturaunt to begin with but lunch was jam packed with businessmen and women handling …well, what i would imagine to be business or maybe an excuse to take the company card out ? i don’t know, but this place was filled with suits and ties left and right (and unfortunately no justin timberlake to be seen). dinner reviews on yelp don’t mention any of this so i assume it’s just a lunch thing. 

i would highly recommend this place for a special occasion or if you’re really trying to impress someone or i suppose if you yourself are a businessman or woman. whatever the case may be— i will definetly be back, hopefully sooner than later..and hopefully next time for dinner. 

overall rating: 9/10 


10100 Constellation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067

(310) 279-4180

summertime happiness.

summer went by way too fast for my liking this year. but i suppose thats always the case isn’t it? anyway, this summer i discovered my new favorite guilt-free alternative to ice cream and fro-yo: acai bowls. though after doing some research i found that these do pack quite a bit of calories BUT the nutrients and antioxidants these bowls claim to have make up for it—but aside from all the health talk these bowls are freakin’ delicious. i’ve had the opportunity to try a few from several different places and here they are—-listed from high to low :

Banzai Bowls 

222 5th St

Huntington BeachCA 92648

(714) 594-3220

the acai bowls from banzai were actually the first acai bowls i’ve ever tried & after trying them at several other places this still was my number one pick! 


Bowl of Heaven

2087 Foothill Blvd

La VerneCA 91750

(909) 392-1000

bowl of heaven would have to be my second pick of the three places i’ve visited due to the fact that it’s very similar in taste from banzai bowl but these bowls are smaller and offer less toppings. this location is much more convenient for me, considering the fact that Huntington beach is quite a drive from where i am. 


juice it up

8678 19th St

Ste 110

Rancho CucamongaCA 91701

(909) 944-0449

now this bowl may look picture perfect, but just like an instagram photo with filters topped on, photos can be very deceiving. underneath all these yummy lookin’ toppings, lies a soupy-like texture of juice it up’s version of an acai bowl. maybe they were havin an off day or maybe the person behind the counter was new. but this acai bowl was straight up soup—cold soup. acai bowls are supposed to have a thick consistency—similar to that of frozen yogurt, but this was nothing like that, not even close. i ate all the toppings and dumped the rest. it was a waste for sure, considering the fact that this bowl was actually really big. 


since getting a hold of these acai bowls is a little out of my way i found an alternative that i can do at home—-i have provided photos and a quick step by step guide of how i make a quick alternative to the acai bowl at home: 

this is just a quick and small version of what i would usually do. but you get the idea! blueberries, strawberries,and coconut shreds would have made this sweet healthy snack much better but these were just the toppings i had at hand at the time. &(i purchased the pint of organic acai sorbet at sprouts for $4.99)


i was blessed by the food gods over a year ago, when trader joe’s popped up less than a mile away from my humble abode. it is for sure one of my favorite grocery stores and though they offer many healthy options they also offer many options that are not healthy at all. this week i decided to review an item that i would NOT consider healthy…but definitely TASTY & AFFORDABLE.

chocolate and vanilla macarons imageimage

here’s the outside packaging. simple and straight forward. these are found in the frozen food aisle where all the ice cream and other sweet goodies are located. i think when i grabbed this box there were only 3 other boxes left—so they may be difficult to find. 


here’s the inside packaging. vanilla on the left, chocolate on the right. simple white plastic tray and in plastic wrap. photos on box were pretty accurate to what they really were—which i like…don’t you hate it when the packaging of products are super misleading?! (pet peeve)



and here is what they look like outside of packaging. these photos were taken 30 minutes after they have been defrosted—which i recommend…trust me it’s worth the wait. being as impatient as i am, i tried one straight out the freezer and it was not very good. the 30 minute wait is worth it—but i do recommend to wait 40 minutes for the chocolate macaron. i don’t know what it is but the texture of these two macarons are different and the chocolate one i found needed a little more time of defrosting compared to the vanilla. —i’m usually more of a chocolate fan than vanilla but i found the vanilla one to be my favorite between the two.

nonetheless, both were actually pretty good for a frozen grocery store find. i was impressed. so if you’ve got a craving and don’t feel like spending big buck$ on macarons these just might help suppress your craving a tad…i mean, they are definitely not bottega louie’s macarons (32$ + for a box of 13) . but i still find them to be quite tasty & for  4.99$ these are not bad…not bad at all. 

overall rating: 7.5/10 (when defrosted correctly)


the bazaar is located inside the SLS HOTEL in beverly hills. just by location alone you already know how fancy shmancy this place will be (& how overpriced it’ll be). not only did the location confirm the fanciness of this place—-but i usually determine how swanky an establishment is based on three criteria areas: 1) if one of the first questions your server asks you is : ‘do you prefer bottled water or tap water?’ 2) food portion size and 3) bathroom decor—and well guess what? this place hit all three criteria areas successfully. so you bet your bottom dollar this place is the type of place where the rich, fabulous, and famous dine. (aka a great place to people watch) 


it’s a tapas style restaurant—so the portion sizes are very small. the name of the restaurant lives up to what the menu has in store—- a lot of the stuff you will see here are things you won’t see anywhere else, which is what makes this place so great, it’s different! TIP: if you are NOT an adventurous eater i do NOT recommend this place for you.

the way the items are prepared and concocted are very very unique compared to your traditional tapas joint but nonetheless the bazaar offers high quality items and through their unique creations they successfully deliver interestingly great flavors.









favorites: seared scallops, seared squid, wagyu beef, and the shrimp dish.

OH and they had this one cocktail called the magic mojito—-I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ! first, they serve it in a cocktail glass with cotton candy and nitrogen in it and then they pour in the actual drink at your table so you can watch the cotton candy dissolve. it sounds silly i know… but not only did it look cool it tasted super good too! (these photos do no justice on grasping the coolness of this.)


the ambiance and decor of the place was really unique while still keepin’ it classy—and if you’re like me and enjoy aesthetics you’ll have an eyeful to look at; the decor here is an eye pleaser for sure. i probably could have gotten lost in there for a good hour just checkin out the crazy decorations, statues, and photographs they had throughout their walls. In my opinion, a fancy restaurant aint fancy unless it has a fancy bathroom as well …and yup they nailed it. the bathroom was beautiful.. i've got a picture to follow down below to prove how cute this bathroom was (but again, the photo really does no justice). 


the only complaint i had about this place was the service. i’ve read on yelp reviews that their service is usually top notch so maybe they were just having an off night, but for the type of restaurant this is i expected much faster and efficient service. i also had wish the portions were bigger because it was all so yummy, but then again…what do ya expect, it’s beverly hills…portion sizes must be kept at a minimum in order to keep these rich housewives lookin hot and always bikini ready, right? 

overall rating: 8/10

SLS hotel at Beverly Hills

465 S La Cienga Blvd.

Mid City West

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 246-5567